Friday, November 07, 2008

Successful Resus

Well I am interrupting my book postings to tell you about a successful resus I had the other week.

I was doing a bootcamp with my gym and we (the group)had just been for a 2.4km run. While sitting down recovering, one of the oldest members who is 60 (and also one of the fittest) suddenly collapsed and had a VF arrest. 3 of us with medical backgrounds (a vet, radiographer and me) immediately recognised something was wrong and we initially put him in the recovery pos as he had some agonal resps. When he stopped breathing we commenced compressions. An ambulance was immediately called and with the station just 5 mins away they were soon on scene. Monitor on - course VF. 1 DC shock and into Synas tachy. Spontaneous resps. Increased LOC but hypoxic and aggressive. He was transported to ER where he woke up wondering what all the fuss was about!! After time in CCU, an angiogram and 2 coronary stents he is out of hospital and back at work.

First time I have done a resus on someone I know. Great save. What a buzz!