Friday, July 07, 2006


Flying at 2000ft above the water the helicopter shook rythmatically as the blades chopped through the air and made the well know supersonic thumping sound.

I was one of twelve passengers, sandwiched on the edge of the seat onboard the Bell 212 chopper, as it flew over the Tasman sea on my way to the Maui B offshore oil platform.

This was my first tour of duty as an offshore medic. It was a sixth month contract, a convenient fill-in job, while I decided what to do with myself longer term.

As we chugged along in low cloud, I could occasionally catch glimpses of the mesmerising deep, blue water, well below me and I started to think about what the new role would entail.

I was about to Live and work with a group of total strangers for two weeks at a time in confined quarters and be responsible for their health and safety for the entire stint. Although a little anxious, I was also excited about the new role and thought how lucky I was to be one of the few people that get to work in the well paid off shore industry.

As I sat there mesmerised by the deep blue ocean staring back at me I started to reflect on the last ten years of my life that had led me to this amazing opportunity.

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Stacey said...

Wow offshore medic? Did you enjoy it? How hard was it to adjust to that as opposed to being a street medic?