Monday, August 27, 2012

Lady Luck

It never fails to amaze me how some people involved in serious motorvehicle accidents manage to escape relatively unharmed.

I have lost count of the number of accidents I have been called to where the vehicle was wrecked but the patient was somehow pretty much injury free.

The very first one involved a car that somehow went off the road into a ditch, coming to a sudden halt at the bank at the end of the ditch in a head on collision. The driver was knocked out and flung sideways. When I looked in the drivers compartment the steering wheel was up against the seat. He would have likely died from chest injuries. Instead he somehow got flung sideways out of the way!

More recently I went to a van with 7 passengers which rolled on a country road. One of the passengers had a hand injury but the rest walked away pretty much unharmed. No head injuries, no c spine injuries. Nothing!

Anotherone involved a driver who most likely fell asleep at the wheel and rolled his car on a bend on another country road.

When I pulled up the car was upside down and his legs were poking out from the passengers door. I immediately thought this was going to be a fatal but as I walked over to the car he wiggled out and stood up  He had been looking for his mobile phone!! Once again he was unharmed and refused to come with us so he went to the police station for a breath test instead!!

Yes Lady luck was shining on these people.

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