Friday, April 01, 2011

The body is a temple

It always amazes me that although we are all cognatively aware that we only have one body that we dont tend to take the best car eof it we possibly can. Almost all dis-eases come from an abuse of the body or mind through poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or a toxic environment (smoking, drugs, negativity, self imposed stress). And when dis-ease does overtake us we (in the western world anyway) expect doctors and the pharmaceutical industry to fix everything up. I am not saying I am any better. In fact it is only this last few years that this has all dawned on me and only now am I addressing my nutitional, cardiovascular and mind/spiritual wellbeing. I guess I take expect anyone else to look after themselves if I dont set an example as a healthcare provider.


become a paramedic said...

I strongly agree that the body is a temple and everyone needs to take care of their health. Viewing my body as a temple is something I have absolutely no problem doing, but treating it as such is much more difficult. However, as I get older, I become more and more appreciative of what my body can do for me and because of this I am reminded of why – proper maintenance, regular attention and discipline - are so important.

Paulie said...

very wise bro