Friday, January 27, 2012

Energy Theft

Ive come to realise the reason why emergency services get burnt out. Well this is my theory anyway. I believe we are all essentially energy beings - that is we have, emit and receive energy. Now, as paramedics we almost exclusively attend people who are giving off negative energy, or at the very least absorbing our positive enrgy. Everyone we attend is sick or injured. Their energy levels are sometimes very low, or in the case of dead people, non existing. Everyone knows about the attraction of oppossites. If there is an extrememly negetive energy present and you have positive energy, the forces try to balancel. Your energy is slowly eekked out of you with everyone you attend. At the end of a shift you are severely depleted. Add to this the often negative forces applied down on you from the management and you have a certain formula for burnout and job dis-sattisfaction.

Well thats my theory anyway :)

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