Friday, January 27, 2012

We live in a topsy turvy world

I have come to realise that the world we see is actually inverted. The health system is actually not interested in health but sickness. Imagine if people were actually well and didnt need drugs, hospitals, surgery, doctors, nurses...there would be a lot of unemployed people and broke business's. Im sure thats why holistic and natural medicine is on the outer. It looks to fix the problem and create a cure rather than just treating symptoms and making people dependent on the system (think long term medications, hospital follow ups, ongoing surgery etc).

Even the supporting societies are not there to help but to maintain the status quo. Hence the Asthma Society is not actually interested in curing asthma - they would cease to exist. Same with the Cancer Society, Arthitis foundation, Heart Foundation etc. I read of a woman who found a natural cure for her arthritis after suffering in agony for 30 years. Delighted, she contacted the arthritis foundation, which she had been an active member of, only to be told they were not interested in hearing about her miraculous cure. I also find it interesting that Cancer charities who raise millions of dollars towards research and supporting cancer sufferers never seem to mention the simple fact that cancer cant survive in an alkaline environment which can be bought about simply through dietry changes.

But it doesnt just stop in the Health area. Police are not there to protect us against crime. If there were no crime there would be no need for a police force. They have a vested interest in the very existence of crime. Imagine if there were no burgularlies anymore. What would the giant insurance companies do? They dont mind paying out on claims becuase it gives them repreat business.

Governments are not there to represent the people anymore(their orginal pupose). They now represent the giant corporations and try and to control the people instead of answering to them.

I think finding out that Santa wasnt real was just the beggining of discovering that the world is actually nothing of what you think its about.

Still, knowledge is power, and armed with this knowledge I know I can now make a real difference.

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